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USA Home Inspections offers top quality, dependable and reliable Home Inspections throughout the entire Southern California. By having the essential experience and knowledge, USA Home Inspections can perform your  home inspections the utmost reliability. Experience + Training + Quality. We continue to strive to keep n the leading edge f the learning curve of new developements as hey happen for your benefit. Of course anyone can miss a deficiency, all humans are prone to error, which is why Inspectors aren't held liable for deficiencies they can't see, but with extensive training and experience, you greatly increase your chances of catching vital deficiencies BEFORE you close, thus, know exactly what you're getting into when purchasing your new home.  So Call USA Home Inspections when your ready to buy a home, we guarantee you'll be happy!
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We are certified and trained to inspect the mechanica aspects of your home. Motor, furnaces, fixtures, appliances, etc. Anything that needs to turn on and run to complete a generalized household funtion. Whether or not your getting the appliances in the transaction, their hookups are equally important to the operation and need to be tested.
Eectrical systems have specific mehodologies for their installation and operation and should comfor to them in order to be fully operable in a safe and efficient manner. We are fully trained to spot and note deficiencies in the electrical systems general configuration that could cause physical damage to the home or to persons living at the home.
The structure of the home is by far one of the most imporant aspects of our inspections. From the moisture barrier to the compression balance; we look for the tell-tale signs that would help us to discover and report on deficiencies that effect the overall stability f the structure from the foundation up to the roof's ridge, we've got you covered.
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We are a family run business
Established since 2012
Well, we are like family, or better, because we care about each other as well as our clients. We communicate with each other and we all ahve the same like-minded goal of making our business better and more effective a doing what it does. Each inspector has the goal of not ony finding deficiencies in your home; but protecting you from both physical and financial harms that could be caused by unexpected problematic areas notable by observatory inspections by a trained, experienced and certified professional.
Before taking matters into your own hands; think about this for just a second. What would it be worth to you should something actutally go wrong that you missed upon your initial inspection to the house. Believe it or not, a second pair of eyes, and especially ones that have decades of construction, inspection even appraisal experience can offer, will go a very long way in helping you to prevent and truly do you "Due Diligence" as needed for the safety of both your family and your finances.